Hello, thanks for finding me. I am a Bristol based choir leader and singer.

The Island Folk Choir and The Allsorts Choir at Sanctum

I run singing groups open to the whole community learning folk songs from around the world. I think singing should be fun and aim to create a safe space to play with your voice and explore new territory.

For me, music and singing is about moments of connection and play, bringing together people and nudging them gently into a playful, creative space. My singing groups are open to everyone and there are no auditions and no pressure to perform.

The Island Folk Choir runs weekly in Barton Hill, an open access community choir.

Polly is a fantastic teacher and leader; she is patient, encouraging, well-informed, creative, playful and very sensitive to everyone’s comfort zones whilst still pushing you to improve.”

Celebrate your voice, there is no other like it and it is beautiful.